Why We Built QuickCut.io

January 15, 2018

QuickCut.io: Re-thinking how we edit video

We still edit video today the same way we did 20 years ago. Programs like Adobe Premiere present a timeline view of one or more videos, and we then scrub back and forth to find, remove and remix video segments.

That form of editing still is the easiest way to create a highly tailored, pro-grade edit. But for many other uses like courses, video podcasts and interview drafts, a flow of words neatly cut is more than enough.

QuickCut.io was born after one of our team members was creating a new online course, and realized that editing his recordings took as much time as recording it. That lead them to re-think how they'd like to save time - creating the first version of QuickCut.io

By quickly selecting words and sentences that repeat themselves, are unnecessary, mistakes or hesitations, QuickCut.io quickly makes a rough cut you can preview and save on the spot

The technology QuickCut.io is built on became accessible in 2018. Using Deep Learning, AI, speech analysis and ubiquitous cross-platform development, we're able to create a services that continues to improve and maximizes your privacy.

Privacy is important to us. We never receive your video. We receive a low quality version of the audio from your video file and roughly transcribe it so you can edit your video visually.

We hope you find QuickCut.io useful, and we'd love to hear stories of how it helped you save time and make useful rough cuts.

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